Alternative to Solidworks?

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It looks like a visual programming version of OpenSCAD.
OpenSCAD is already really fun (especially with

Something more “teaching oriented” is being done here:

Notice that the guys doing Flood also do:



see more :

Onshape is a CAD system – Parts, Assemblies, Drawings – with version control and collaboration built in.

Actually in beta version, have to request invitation to try.

I’m an old Catia user and still looking for a free CAD software to replace it.
This one is unfortunately not opensource, but seem to have interresting features.

  • versionning & collaborative work
  • part design,
  • assembly design,
  • drawings,
  • import geometry,
  • part list, …

I had a quick look on the feature this morning and I’m a bit surprised, I’ve to invistigate further more but sounds interesting.

I’ll try to put the Ergorobot Jr as training exercice,
Help doc is available too :


looks promising indeed


Just a feedback on FreeCAD, the version 0.14 is really not stable. It is third time I do same piece and when I modify a detail, the tree is completely mixed…


Since @Lionel told us about OnShape, I’ve seriously began to use it daily and I have to say it is a very relevant alternative to Solidworks. There is in addition several strong features such as the ability to merge 2 versions !

From my point of view, there is no strong reason to use Solidworks rather OnShape (free) for hobbyist project.

Creature Poppy Quadruped

Yes I tested “onshape” and "cubify design"
For onshape, I just say that if you want to export your part in STL it is not intuitive (right click on the part in the left column and choose “export to STL”)
I do not understand yet the concept of “5 active documents” for the free version.

Concerning cubify design, it is not free but it is acceptable (149€) Is it yearly ? And the soft is very stable and close to solidworks (with assembly)

But there are so many soft (with its own extension) If you want a model of XL-320 you have it in solidworks but not in cubify nor onshape…

I will try a assembly on onshape to test the “active documents”


I also spent several time understanding the concept, actually it is quite simple:

  • you have unlimited public documents
  • yet you have 5Go space limit
  • you are limited to 5 private active document
  • you cannot edit or use an inactive documents but it is still saved and you can toggle active/inactive when you want.

I do not understand your point, there is a XL320 step file, you can import it everywhere. So I have imported also the model on OnShape:


Ok, thank you for the tip.


I just signed up for OnShape to test it and I received a mail for an advanced training tuesday afternoon


Lien de @droy en français.

Un point complet sur les logiciels gratuits de dessin 3d:


The answer is, “yes.” I just used, “parametric modeling blender 3d” on Google and was shown several working examples.


PUPPICAD is a free computational design environment with a visual programming 3D interface that can be extended by scripting in C# or VB or by loading existing DLL class libraries - for unlimited feature expansion.