Building odroid images

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Hi, I rebuilt a clean image for Odroid, starting from ubuntu 15.10. However, I built it on a 32GB memory card and once I copy it from the memory card and zip it, the image is still 11GB which github does not want me to upload… I saw you have an image of 1.9 GB, how dit you upload it?
Then I noticed that when you install a ubuntu distribution, the image you download is about 900MB, and on the first boot it resizes the filesystem to match the max capacity of the memory card it is installed upon. Maybe I should investigate how to build such an image with the appropriate poppy packages so that it’s size could be minimal… what do you think?

Poppy 1.1 : Hipi

Cool! Thanks!

Yes absolutely. That’s exactly how I did it for the 1.9Go iso. FYI unzip it’s about 5Go.

A good entry point is to look on how works the resize at startup part. For example for raspberry:

Basically to shrink it you need to do the opposite:



I described how I shrinked the image, it is now 1.9 GB.

Image is also available as a link I put on github in an OVH storage (you can not share indefinitely, only 30 days max).

For the moment, I do not automatically resize it when booting.