Can I use CAT3060 in driver circuit?


Hello~ Are there anyone can help me?
I would like to use CAT3603 in LED driver circuit. I have found some information from internet:
CAT3603 is a three channel charge pump LED driver IC from Catalyst Semiconductors that can be operated in either LDO mode or fractional mode. The IC can deliver 30mA per channel and can be operated from an input voltage range of 3 to 5.5V DC. CAT3063 has a quiescent current as low as 0.1uA and this makes it suitable for battery powered applications. The operating frequency is 1Mhz which makes it possible to use small capacitors. Another features are soft start, current limiting, high efficiency (90%) and short circuit protection. Applications of this IC are hand held devices, LCD back lights , LED lighting gadgets etc. The output current can be programmed using an external resistor connected between the RSET (pin 4) and ground. I still need to ask the following questions:
1).Can I use it in the resistive loads ?
2).What is the maximum supply voltage ?
3).Can the total output current exceed 150mA?