Connecting to Netgear 3500L serial terminal interface - using ft232rl

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I managed to lock myself out of my router. I think it must the firewall rules I changed. I can now only connect to it via serial terminal. On the website it says I need a 3,3v ttl serial cable. According to the tutorial it’s self powered so I only need txd,rxd and gnd. Is it possible to use my FT232RL breakout from my arduino?

I was thinking of feeding the ft232rl 3.3v on vcc and vccio. Then rxd and txd should equal to 3.3v when driven high yes? The voltage am measuring out of the breadboard psu is 3.68 but that doesn’t matter does it? I don’t have anything else that outputs close to 3.3v.

This is how I intend to wire it. Oviously with txd,rxd and gnd connected to the router.


The best way it probably to reset your router by the hardware pin.
But, does your question have anything to do with (Poppy) robots or it is just a random electronics question ?
I think you should go to your router community instead.