Dynamixel vs Herkulex Servos

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Yes indeed :wink:

The first step will be to see how the Hkx code interfaces with the pypot server.


That’s great!! Let me know when you think it’s ready to be merged.

UnfortunateIy I don’t have any Herculex servos around, I would have loved to try this!


Did anyone ever create a solidworks (or other) model of the Poppy humanoid modified for Herkulex servos? @Red_Stark117, @seb, @rml4o ? I’m interested in creating a lower-cost, full-size Poppy humanoid that doesn’t need to stand or walk on its own (it will be more of a marionette)


The comparison table was really helpful. Thanks @Red_Stark117 for putting in the effort.

One thing Herkulex manuals do not mention is the rated current. I am using Herkulex servo motors and I need rated current to design my power circuitry. But I think I the current ratings for Dynamixel and Herkulex would be similar and I can just use numbers of Dynamixel.

Any thoughts?