Factory Reset problem with Raspberry Pi 3

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Finally I bought my poppy jr ergo parts and I install OS to Raspberry Pi3.
I reach my Jr. http://poppy.local/ and try to configure my motors

I open the terminal and write poppy-configure ergo-jr m1
then wait for 15 minutes nothing has happened except
Factory reset…

How can I fix this problem

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That’s odd. The operation should take a few seconds max.

Have you plugged a single motor on the bus while launching the command?

I tried before one hour ago with Raspberry Pi2 and I achieved to configure Motors.
Now I have a problem to connect my ErgoJr via Snap what should I write as a host name?

Sorry I did not read that you where using a raspberry pi 3 before. Indeed, they change the way they handle serial communication. In order to work with a Pi3, you have to:

  • add enable_uart=1 in /boot/config.txt
  • uses /tty/serial0 instead of /tty/ACM0 in the configuration file of your robot poppy_ergo_jr.json

It depends on the hostname you used when configuring the robot. By default its poppy.local.

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I understand one more time you have to be patient and read more :slight_smile: everything is working for now. Thanks a lot!

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