Finding Materials from Poppy Humanoid BoM

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I’m looking to build a Poppy Humanoid and I’ve found most of the parts online from the BoM (

A few of the links were dead, but with some googling we found nearly everything. Would anyone be able to suggest sites or replacements for the following items:

  1. 2.0 Megapixels “Videw” Camera with OV2643 CMOS sensor equipped with FOV 120° or 170°
  • I can’t seem to find anyone online who sells this (other than Alibaba manufacturers who require large quantities). Does anyone know a link or a replacement?
  1. Sparkfun Razor 9DoF IMU
  1. Manga Screen

Thank you - and if you have any tips or advice as I start the build, it would be appreciated!

  • Matt


Hello @uniquesoftware ,

you can buy all the pieces of the Poppy robots on the site of Generation
ping @Generation_Robots_VM


@Generation_Robots_VM, how long does it generally take for a Poppy Humanoid (no 3D printing) kit to be shipped? We’re looking to start the project soon and have already 3D printed all the parts.