GitBook: generate books written in markdown

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I just find a novel tool based on git and markdown to create book or exercice:

I’m not sure the project is mature enough yet, but I add it here anyway to remember and keep track.

Interesting features:

####GitBook can generate your book in the following formats:

  • Static Website: This is the default format. It generates a complete interactive static website that can be, for example, hosted on GitHub Pages.
  • eBook: A complete eBook with exercise solutions at the end of the book. The output format could be PDF, ePub or MOBI.
  • Single Page: The book will be stored in a single printable HTML page. This format is used for conversion to PDF or eBook.
  • JSON: This format is used for debugging or extracting metadata from a book.

####They offer a markdown editor application. At first sight, it looks nice:

A book can contain interactive exercises (currently only in Javascript but Python and Ruby are coming soon). An exercise is a code challenge provided to the reader, who is given a code editor to write a solution which is checked against the book author’s validation code.

Multiple people can participate in the writing of a book and will be listed automatically as authors.


GitBook supports building books written in multiple languages.

More features are listed on the github repository:


Very interesting. The editor appears easy to install and to use. I did not see yet how easy it is to work collaboratively on the same book with the desktop editor. Maybe it is an alternative to the current wiki for Poppy?


@Pierre @Clement It is possible to run Python code within a Git Book.


Release of the new 1.0 gitbook editor:

Several interesting improvement for writing Science


Another interesting online editor: