Halley, a robot inspired by the Poppy Project

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Right now I only have the torso assembled. The poppy files aren’t set up for filament style printing but I’m making due. Lots of home made parts and interesting fixes. I’m currently only using 4kg/cm servos so it’s very slow and some of the joints are giving me trouble. I’ve been struggling with arduino code for months and came accross your project which is everything I was trying to do on my own. I have discovered that with some 2 part epoxy painted over the filament parts adds a ton of strength while keeping the weight down. I think my whole robot only weighs a pound or two.

I’m going to order some 20kg/cm servos for the final build.


That’s what I have so far. I can make the upper body move with the ssc 32 board from lynxmotion and my pc.


I guess you could replace your servo with Dynamixel XL320 that are cheapers than Poppy ones and will give you feedbacks (position, temperature, etc)


Hi everyone… I know very little about robotics beyond basic 2 wheeled balance bot type robots. I saw on instructables.com that you have coding for the upper body but nothing yet for the lower half. Have you finished and released the completed code for walking? I’m horrible with code it still hasn’t clicked yet where I completely understand it all. I liked that the poppy was virtually plug and play until I saw the price of the servo.


Hello Charles,

Thanks for the message!

The Halley robot currently does not support walking as the servos on it are too weak to support dynamic walking. I have since moved on to working on a larger project called the Multipurpose Mobile Manipulator, which is the next evolution of the Halley robot: http://www.instructables.com/id/Multipurpose-Mobile-Manipulator-Mk-1/. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to ask :slight_smile:

John Choi

Help with which servos to use for project

John I just caught your instructable on aspir great work my Man. Still just a collection of parts and wires on my end. My printer pooched a year ago and it’s been shelved. Was good to see your progress and completed robot.


Hi Cliff,

Thanks for the message!

Oh yes, you are correct indeed - Halley is back, bigger and better than ever before with its new spiritual successor ASPIR! (it’s actually just a prototype that needs a LOT of improvement, it’s actually quite flimsy right now ;))

John Choi


What is the kg on the motors? I am still just using 4kg ones they’re slow as anything for the upper body but it does a good zombie crawl at Halloween.


Thanks for the information.