Help with Raspberry Pi,Pixl and XL-320 servo



I have a Pi 3B+ with Pypot installed. I bought a Pixl and connected the little board on the Pi. The Pixl is powered by a 7.4v battery. I only have 1 XL-320 servo plugged in.

I tried a test example of pypot that is supposed to connect to a dynamixel servo:

ports = pypot.dynamixel.get_available_ports()
print 'available ports:', ports

if not ports:
    raise IOError('No port available.')

port = ports[0]
print 'Using the first on the list', port

dxl_io = pypot.dynamixel.DxlIO(port)
print 'Connected!'

found_ids = dxl_io.scan()

It never gets out of the scan() function, or other calls to dxl_io for that matter…

What is happening? What did I do wrong?

(traduction en français disponible sur demande) :slight_smile:


you should use instead :

dxl_io = pypot.dynamixel.Dxl320IO(port)


Hello Thot,

Unfortunately, it still hangs as soon as I call scan()…


Is there a command to at least know that the Pixl is alive and kicking?


You shall try to do the same process as this :