I am interested in Korean poppy production


I do not speak French. And do not even English. (나는 프랑스어를 못한다. 그리고 영어도 못한다.)
I want to make a poppy. (나는 퍼피를 만들기 원한다.)
What if I have questions in Korean?(내가 한국어로 질문해도 되나요?)
Please help , I can make (나도 만들 수 있게 도와주세요.)


Well… maybe a good starting point would be to contact the nearest Fablab. They could be the local community you need to build a Poppy and maybe there is someone who is fluent in english and who could help you understand all the documentation.

By the way, if you find someone to translate the documentation in korean it would be a great contribution :wink: