Interesting electronic devices

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Open BCI upgraded

A cheaper way to record and use your brain as an input device.

It’s all open source but you can buy the board and helmet from them during this kickstarter campaign.

In combinaition with OpenVibe you can hack a brain for fairly cheap compared to industry prices.


Let’s say this post is in topic if you want to control a robot using your brain…


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PINE A64, First $15 64-Bit Single Board Super Computer

Cheaper and more powerful than the Raspberry Pi. The form factor seem bigger though.



Between a Kinect and a LeapMotion. Primary aim is to be user natively with most OS, replaces a mouse. I don’t think it will be easy to hack.

Its a spin-out venture of a research lab you might have heard about:
Doing very-high speed motion and sensing for robotics




In a nutshell, NeuroBytes are simplified models of biological neurons.

More info:
More more info:


The LIDAR company I posted a while ago is now lauching a kickstarter.



It’s not a lidar as we’re used to see, it doesn’t works with time of flight like the expensive one from Hokuyo or Sick. It works with a laser and a cmos camera with a very selective filter on the laser wave length. The range is calculated with triangulation from the view of laser dot point and the known gap between the CMOS sensor and the laser.

If you are interested in this kind of tools, @Xevel hacked the neato xv11 (robotic vacuum cleaner) range sensor. You find some documentation on the net to make it work, and you can buy as a cheap spare part of the robot (I bought one at 50€).


Mechaduino - Powerful open-source industrial servo motor.

Adding an encoder to stepper motors with nice control.


Dark Control : Robot controllers for the Raspberry Pi Zero



I-EXTRUDER smart Solder Paste and Fluids dispenser for PCBs


Raspberry Pi + robot control

Some sort of alternative for the hipi: Poppy 1.1 : Hipi


Interesting solution for automation of 3d scanning. Artec RoboticScan