On the road to the damnation


Feeling like an UFO in front of Mickey mouse having fun in the Coca Cola World. But I continue my road trip, trying to find / noticed element that are non-free / open-source / proprietary and that are the trap in the warranty of the long survive of a project that could be a pillar in the evolution of robotics and cognitive robotics.

I am not a “Scientist” but this guy is better than me, have well explain the phenomena and history and what happen to Sun Microsystem are here to make us remember that is reality ::

The other point I would like to have to that very well explanation, should be the neuro-marketing point, but I am graduate in that domain too -_-’

So here is a place in the forum to list all that sort of stuff from the solution use for the conception and by the way the format of files to the software via the hardware. All along you find them, list them here, to make it simple one day to try to find solutions.



You have to understand that in the Free Software World we do not recognize things as free if a dependence is non-free, and some of us do not accept stuff that make run non free things.
You can find a black list example here -> https://repo.parabolagnulinux.org/docs/blacklist.txt (when the server is not down :slight_smile: )

SolidWorks :: proprietary software + format non usuable by free solution like freecad, qcad nor librecad.
Dynamixel :: proprietary hardware
Pypot :: (gplv3 so Free but, build to make works one type of hardware that is exclusively proprietary) maybe a Pypot-libre could be possible (something non exclusive that could run all type of servo motor
Raspberry Pi :: Contain non-free blobs. BeagleBone Black or Olimex https://www.olimex.com/Products/OLinuXino/A20/ could make the trick
ROS :: ROS contain some non-free part (that would need to be a free operating system project by itself)
3D Printer :: You can use lulzbot.com (which is recognized by the FSF)
to be continued …