Poppy 1.1 : Hipi

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Found the issue: I had a cold solder on the ground for the Molex connector I soldered on Raspberry Pi for sound - hence the interference.

Also I realised that the speakers I’m using are 8 ohm and that reduces the output power. I have ordered some 4 ohm ones and will replace.


Hi all !

How is the Hipi doing ? Can’t wait to try it in my Poppy :slight_smile:


I just order the new (and the last I hope) prototype yesterday.
I will keep you in touch about that.


@Nicolas I’ve noticed that the latest version of Raspbian includes support for SC16IS standard (the .ko and the .dtbo are coming with the standard kernel). I’m not so sure about all the parameters that they support, but worth checking. This means one less worry…

I was looking for a driver for MAX14830… Seems to be one available in the Linux kernel, but not that much info… Maybe the next step…


good news!
I’m waiting the new revision of Hipi, I will test it as soon as possible.


Hi Nicolas,

How are the tests going ?

Some questions : will there be a screen integrated or programmed with ? And the same thing for the sound (speaker and micro) ? Or are they modules that have to be added and programmed by ourselves ?


Hi @damiend,

The New Hipi revision have been tested and I have a random message failure with the IMU, probably due to DC/DC noise (again).
The last board don’t have sound management due to a production fail but this circuit have been already tested on the previous revision…

The main purpose of the Hipi is to use Raspberry 3 on Poppy humanoid robots. We manage a new head revision to be compatible with a screen but for now we have a simple eyes video running on it. I will probably post a call for contribution about that, but the best way is to manage eyes using SVG pictures and live transform it by code…

There is no microphone management on the Hipi, but there is a small amplifier using raspberry standard output to stereo 2x3w speakers.


Hi, where is the project?