Poppy on wikipedia


Poppy appeared on Wikipedia, in the open-source robotics article: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Open-source_robotics

Having a wikipedia page on Poppy would be useful. Anyone wanting to contribute is welcome.
One should be careful to be compliant with the wikipedia spirit: objective, informative and concise text, with useful links. Probably bits of text in our scientific articles can be reused for the technical outline description.


It is on the road.
I need picture with license
and someone of the project for correction / direction / things important / people to link / …

a picture under CC should be great … and wikipedia prefer your own speach about the project than a copy past from the original page.

best of the picture is to use https://commons.wikimedia.org/

the one on the video where he seems interesting by something should be great … i have something intelligent and alive.

@oudeyer the trouble is http://www.inria.fr/en/practical-information/legal-notice that is part of the website. So wikipedia stand for you.


Hi @aurelien ,

thanks for starting! I will post soon bits of texts (or links to texts) here on the forum that can be integrated on the wikipedia page


Hi @oudeyer,
well, wikipedia have delete the page. (speed deletion because of promoting a page) and license trouble.
but ready to create a new one.
standing from you to re-create the page with picture and free license material.


@oudeyer Do we still intend on having a Wikipedia presence?


Yes indeed, it would be useful to have a wikipedia page presenting factual information about the Poppy platforms (hardware + software + web) as well as its uses.


It could be hard to distinguish Poppy Humanoid and the others Creatures around “Poppy Project”


That is precisely one of the usefulness of a wikipedia article, explaining that Poppy is the name of an ecosystem for building open-source hardware, software, content and sharing ideas about robotics and its uses, and to explain that there are several instances of robots in this ecosystem, like Poppy Humanoid, Poppy Torso or Poppy ErgoJr.