PoppyErgoJr plays Connect4!


Tired to win at TicTacToe, my PoppyErgoJr (and @Matthieu & @Pierre) dared me to build a Connect4.
Challenge accepted !

Well, many things to improve :

  • His ArtificiaI Intelligence is as efficient as my human one, so he just knows where to play to win at the next step, and to avoid to lose at the next two steps (waouh !).
  • Detection by photoresistors is still simple, but still annoying. It needs light, but not much. So it’s a game you can only play between 17h and 19h during a normal summer.

Come and meet him at the Colloque Robotique et Education !

Few pics :

Snap4arduino powered !

Plywood addict

Behind the scenes


Once again, really cool!!

I must say that I particularly love this feature. It makes it more lively ^^

P.S. You challenge @gilles_lassus and he is just like…


Jesus believes in Gilles Lasus

By the way, you should organise a game against Nao:


You mean that guy who’s not even able to pick himself the coins, so needs a human for that ?
You’re kidding…
But I might slightly change my setup so the Ergo could play vs himself : it should be funny to see.
Thank you for all your likes, folks !