Ros package for Poppy

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Simple yet functionnal ROS Indigo package for Poppy (Humanoid at the moment) :

You can read and write in registers from topics (using Float32MultiArray messages, there are examples in the README) and start/stop primitives.
If you don’t want to install ROS on your robot, there is a ‘over REST’ node that you can launch on your computer and communicate with the robot using the REST API (it’s slower…)

Don’t hesitate to test and contribute !

Installation instructions for ROS on Odroid (from my notes while I was working) : ROSpoppy.txt (1.7 KB)


Package upgraded to publish JointState messages (easier to interface) and to adapt to different creatures. New node to control the root through the ZMQ rest API.


The Drone project “forced” me to test ROS which fullfills the needs of the FIRE application I created for School of Moon. When I will be more fluent in ROS, I will test on Poppy.
I succeded in installing ROS on RPI2. I did a memo with all the steps to install it here :


I can see here and there people like @aurelien, @Steve, @damien, @Theo and @sonel interested in ROS, perhaps could we share ideas and feelings here?

The Poppy project has good tools for managing motors, robot configuration, simulation, graphical programming etc. I was wondering how to share packages like on Nao platform, but packages that could be reusable on different robots. I guess computer vision or voice recognition are pretty generic algorythms. Others, like moving robot parts, are specific to a robotic platform but could be shared between their developers. I’ve no idea which framework could support this, is there is other choices than Pypot, ROS or Darwin OP Framework, if it’s easier to share primitives on Pypot than nodes in ROS, but I’m sure we need to create a kind of package manager like “pip” or “apt”! (and perhaps for each framework to follow the needs of each developer)


Hello guys, are there any news about the ROS node development? I would like to start and work on the project and my goal is to be able to simulate the humanoid in Gazebo.


Any help guys? Is the poppy project dead? :frowning:


Sorry for the delay.
As far as I know, nobody worked on controling a Poppy robot on Gazebo for a long time.
You can import the robot in Gazebo from the URDF (which is in the git repository). After, you’ll have to use standards tools of ROS to controll it.