Simulator integration for FMI

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i’m working with Dassault System on an Educational project in order to put in place a kind of Virtual Commissioning scenario for Poppy, leveraging on our technologies (3DExpereince- CATIA systemes). I’ve seen that there are libraries for the integration with V-REP, but i don’t see any library for the integration with FMI or whatever.

What could be solution? Thanks


V-REP gives a python binding that we adapted to be used in pypot.
I never work nor heard about FMI. Did you have some hints or doc on how it works or how to integrate with others systems ?


Basically the FMI is a C++ interface made in Visual Studio for connecting the Python to our technologies though a ZMQ server. I’m not really an expert but we would like to create a kind of virtual instance of the poppy able to communicate with the FMI. Do you believe it’s possible?


I belive that the Bindign is done by the ZMQ server


If you talk about that, I believe that all was developed by people (interns?) from 3DS.