To build Poppy robot

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Hello everybody,
We are from Barcelona and we want to create a Poppy Robot. We are doing a planification for print the pieces and we want to know more or less how long did it take to do? How many hours did it spend? How many 3D printers did it use? Which kind of 3D printers do you recommend?
Thank you very much for your help.



in the Flowers team, it takes around 7 hours to assemble a full Poppy humanoid creature.

Some people at Paris science museum organized in april a workshop with their visitors and they managed to have the platorm entirely assembled in 2 days with a group of 6-7 participants

Assembling only a part of the Poppy humanoid creature, like an arm, is a matter of 2 hours with students.

It is possible to print parts of the Poppy robot with home 3D printers like the MakerBot 2, see instructions on:

But a better quality will be reached with higher end printers.


Thank you very much for your answer. We try to planning the project basing on that.


I forgot to comment on the time for printing Poppy Humanoid: if you use a MakerBot, it will take many hours, so if you organise a workshop to assemble Poppy, you should have already the printed pieces ready.


Thanks for sharing. And all the technological development work made in the Poppy project is freely available under open source licenses