Tools for collaborative editing of python notebooks

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It would be highly useful for the community to be able to collaboratively concurrently edit python notebooks (just like any google doc for example). Here we can discuss possible solutions.

One is a new system made by the Sharelatex team: DataJoy
But this is not free apparently.

Other solutions?


Maybe SageMathCloud, but not sure if concurrent python editing is possible

It’s a collaborative web-based interface to Sage, IPython, LaTeX and the Terminal


Google drive for jupyter notebooks:

The follow-up of this project: and


It’s one of the major milestones of the jupyter project. They still haven’t announced any release date or beta yet, but it’s supposed to be “soon”.

They will use google drive (they have support from google developers) as backend but also want to be “synchronisation platform agnostic”.

#5 makes interactive notebooks executable online. Free, open-source, linked with github, currently in testing.

Example repository with binder badge:

I heard about it on twitter:

Interact with the supplementary #Jupyter notebook for my FGM paper on #binder: & open Expected improvement.ipynb

— Yoav Ram (@yoavram) September 22, 2015


It doesn’t allow collaborative editing, but it provides a sort of tmpnb for everyone !
I tested it on one of my repositoryes and it works.
One drawback, it doesn’t support setuptools for now (I put an issue), so you have to make a requirements.txt file which includes your dependancies.

Vous pouvez exécuter directement mes notebooks sur les GMM :


This is now called CoCalc – – and it has good support for collaborative editing and running jupyter notebooks online.