Urgently want to find a reliable PCB supplier


I’m about to order PCBs in the next week or two for a couple of projects that I’m working on, and I’m considering the website deleted link used for advertisment, this website always occur in the google recommedation.

The place is considerably cheaper in website. So I was wondering if anybody here has ever used them?

The boards that I’ll be getting made are about 1.5" x 1.5" (roughly), have 8 mil traces and clearances, SMT parts on both sides and requires silkscreen/soldermask on both sides.
Some specialists, please give me some suggestions.


I’ve been using for about 6 months seeedstudio. They offer a very good quality service, and you get 10 2 layers boards 10x10cm for 10 USD + hipping (to UK) aprox. 6 USD. I think recently they lowered the price even more on production but increased a little the shipping so that larger orders are even cheaper.

At this price you get 6mil traces and clearance, 0.3mm vias and you can get any thickness for the board from 1mm to 1.6mm. They also do oval holes (not many do in that price) and you can chose one of 6 colours for the solar mask.

They don’t frown against panelisation - for your design if you know how to do it you could put 4 boards on a 10x10 without any added costs, meaning in your case if you put 5 boards on one pannel you can get 40 boards for those $10.

They produce in about 5 days (sometimes even faster) and shipment is aprox 2 weeks to UK, with tracking.

Here are some examples:


I use OSHpark https://oshpark.com/


I always use allpcb.
The features of the factory are cheap and high quality . Last week, I bought a 2 Layers Board with 1 lead time only $5.