Use gripper on ErgoJr in V-REP

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Does anyone know how to use the gripper instead of the lampshade in the V-REP Simulator?


Bumping for visibility. My group and I are using a genetic algorithm and vrep to teach poppy to throw a ball as far as it can. We are using the lampshade currently and it is throwing it decently, but our hope is to somehow use the gripper/claw instead of the lampshade in vrep. If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated!


That scene already exist !
You can use it with

from pypot.creatures import PoppyErgoJr
robot = PoppyErgoJr(simulator='vrep', scene="poppy_ergo_jr_holder.ttt")

Your project sounds interresting, think about sharing what worked and what didn’t worked on the forum after!