Which desktop printer is best to print Poppy?

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Hello guys,
I plan on getting a desktop 3D printer, to build Poppy (and many other things afterwards :smiley: )
so I found a lot of good printers in my price range (up to 3000$ max) but I wanna make sure they have the most important requirement, being able to print Poppy.
So please lemme know what you think, I found:

I think these are among the best out there, let me know which ones can print Poppy well, or if you know any other printer you recommend dont hesitate :smiley:
Best regards,

The Poppy Show?

Having 2 printing heads would be very useful so you can print soluble support.

I never tried it but the CubePro looks great for the job. I also heard lot of good reviews about the Ultimaker 2 but there is no double heads yet. Replicators are also quite good and I guess the 5th gen is more reliable.


Thanks, these ones print in ABS or PLA, which one is better suited?
how many KGs of materials needed approximatively?
Also the CubePro looks really great, and it can print in Nylon too, which is more durable I believe, good for Poppy?
And what do you think about the Pegasus Touch Laser one?, using Laser based stereolithography?!
PS: I was going for the replicator, but I read a lot of bad reviews about it due to issues with its extruder, wonder if they fixed it…


We only have experience with PLA on low cost printers and use Polyamide for high end production.
We also never tried stereolithography so it is a bit difficult to give an opinion.

Yet If I have to buy a printer right now I would choose an Ultimaker 2.


To print Poppy, you need less than one kilogram of material but the time of printing is very long with personnal printer.
The stereolithography does not respect the material properties, the parts are fragile. Stereolithographie is the best to show the design and make a mold.
I printed many part of Poppy with replicator, but printer with two extruder is better for printing.


Going back to the 3D printers, which is the best size (volume) a 3D Printer needs to print Poppy?

Here in the U-Robot team are planning on getting a 3D Printer but we want the perfect one to print Poppy, talking about the print size and the printing or layer resolution, in order to have a good quality of the pieces.

We were recommended one of these Prusas, but first we want your advice or recommendations.

Thanks for commenting! :smiley:


I heard plenty of good review about the Ultimaker 2 but I never tried it.


Thank you very much Matthieu! I’ve heard about that printer and I’m considering among my possible choices. :smile:

My main point was how big does the build volume has to be to print all Poppy pieces perfectly? Do you know something about this?


The biggest part is maybe 20cm long