Open source hardware survey

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Dear poppy enthusiasts and members of the community,

Open source hardware is a great resource for the whole society. By running several such projects we saw several issues, both positive and negative, and would like to check if these are common issues or not. Moreover we would like to map what is going on in these communities.

Could you take 4 minutes to share your expertise by filling in the survey under ?

People participating to the survey and giving their contact information will be informed about the results.

Thank you for your help.




I just filled it , thanks for the info :slight_smile:


I found this really interesting blog post related to the study I guess :

@FMondada Do you have more results to share?


Interesting article! Thanks for sharing.

@FMondada: Do you know about Onshape? We believe it is the most relevant alternative for working and sharing research CAD design. It is not open-source but free for public project, and with the ability to fork projects and have an history tree, and collaborative editing. In addition it is an online full-cloud service that does not require any local installation.

Here is an example:


Not really, everything is in the blog. I had many feedback from people involved in open-source or open-science. This seems a field not well known and underestimated by universities and public bodies.


Great tool and great possibilities for sharing, thank you for pointing to it!